What links cabbages in French and leaf in Greek? The Weekend quiz


The questions

1 Which children’s author is buried in Paddington Old Cemetery?
2 The Acol system is used in what game?
3 Who founded the Royal Ballet in 1931?
4 FET y de las JONS was the ruling party of whose regime?
5 What items are autographed by laureates at Stockholm’s Nobel Museum?
6 Who performs the waggle dance?
7 Which pop group featured three unrelated Taylors?
8 From 2015, which professionals could use the title Dr?
What links:
Magic dragon in song; leaf in Greek; cabbages in French?
10 Angelica Kauffman; Paul Klee; Sophie Taeuber-Arp; Alberto Giacometti?
11 Harambe; condescending Wonka; success kid; distracted boyfriend?
12 30 (1918); 21 (1928); 18 (1969)?
13 Selfish; Smartest; Buried; O’Brien?
14 Chris Tarrant; Tony Blair; David Frost; Brian Clough?
15 Gerenuk; topi; kudu; eland; nyala; roan?

Call me Dr. Photograph: Getty Images

The answers

1 Michael Bond (creator of Paddington).
2 Bridge.
3 Ninette de Valois.
4 Franco’s Spain.
5 Chairs.
6 Honeybees.
7 Duran Duran.
8 Vets (in the UK).
9 Types of pastry: puff; filo; choux.
10 Swiss artists.
11 Popular internet memes.
12 Women’s voting ages in the UK.
13 Giants in book titles: Oscar Wilde; Julia Donaldson; Kazuo Ishiguro; Hilary Mantel.
14 Played on screen by Michael Sheen.
15 African antelopes.

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