40 Best Gifts for Travellers – The Ultimate Travel Gift Guide (2019)


The Best Gifts for Travellers in a Travel Gift Guide

40 of the Best Gifts for Travellers – The Ultimate Travel Gift Guide

So, where on earth do you start when it comes to finding the best gifts for travellers when you can’t afford the luxury of giving a plane ticket? 

With this Ultimate Travel Gift Guide, packed with 42 inspired travel-themed gifts, you can find the perfect gift for that special someone for their birthday, Christmas or for when they are just about to set off on a grand adventure. 

From books to help plan a dream trip, or to simply treat yourself to an extra special present with some fabulous new stationery or to decorate your home with maps and airport codes, there is something to delight everyone, even the loved one who you think already has everything.

Best Gifts for Travellers: BOOKS, JOURNALS AND PLANNING

Best gifts for travellers who like books and planning

1. Travelogue

Serious travellers need look no further, for this travelogue is the ultimate companion for planning the trip of a lifetime. With checklists and scratch maps to keep track of where you have been, and where you are yet to explore – this planner is a sentimental gift that will last forever.

2. One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book Diary

Not everyone blogs or keeps extensive diaries, so this memory book is the perfect gift to remember the best of your travels in the most compact way. With each page featuring room to document the same date over five years, you can instantly relive forgotten moments from the past. 

3. Lonely Planet The World: A Traveller’s Guide to the Planet

Move over the humble atlas, as there’s a new book in town to show us the world! Lonely Planet does not disappoint, revealing everywhere you could possibly dream of going in the world. Covering destination highlights along with some quirky facts about the most amazing places, this is the ultimate traveller’s bible.

4. 1,000 Places to See Before You Die

This insightful read makes the ideal gift for the adventurer in your life, to tick off those bucket list destinations that range from the bizarre to the magnificent.

5. Deluxe Scratch Maps

Love them or hate them, there’s a demand for scratch-off world maps. However, a more deluxe design also looks good when framed. A great idea for tracking where you have been in the world, and pinpointing what still lies undiscovered. Top Tip: Use the rubber on the end of a pencil rather than a coin as it is a bit too abrasive!

Guide to best gifts for travellers who like books and planning

6. 747 Things To Do On a Plane

We all reach that point where boredom sets in on a long flight. This book is the best travelling companion you could ask for. Packed with things to entertain including brain teasers and challenges, your flight just got a whole lot more interesting.

7. Compact Travel Journal

Treat yourself or a loved one to this beautifully designed journal, perfect for recording your visits to far-flung shores.

8. Passion Planner Diary

Make 2016 the year to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted with this planner to map out your goals over the next three years. Featuring positive quotes for motivation, it is divided into personal and work sections to maintain that work life balance we all crave, and makes the perfect gift for that special someone with a hectic lifestyle.

Travel Gift Guide: STATIONERY

Best gifts for travellers who like stationery

9. Wanderlust Paper Pack

Document your globetrotting with this travel inspired paper for scrapbooking. Featuring maps and passport stamp wallpaper with coordinating stickers, these designs are worthy enough to make you start crafting if you haven’t already!

10. Vintage Maps and Decorative Stickers

Perfect for travel themed arts and crafts, these stickers express your sense of adventure and will brighten up any project.

11. Vintage Travel Postcards

From one piece of vintage to another, travel postcards with retro images from planes and iconic sites to old tourism posters are so beautiful that you wouldn’t really want to post them.

12. Vintage Destination Stickers 

These world edition labels transport us back to steamer trunks from yesteryear, and while not quite the same as the Samsonite four-wheeled spinners of today, these labels are the ideal present for nostalgia and fans of vintage travel.

13. Wings of the World Luggage Labels

Airlines throughout history have created some of the most stunning retro and vintage poster designs to depict the glamour of travel. The perfect gift idea for the well-travelled to make their luggage stand out with these alluring and standout labels.

Best Gifts for Travellers: STORAGE

Best gifts for travellers for the home and storage

14. Globe Bar

It couldn’t get much more retro with this bar globe, perfect for the gentleman in your life for storing his tipple of choice. Featuring 18th century cartography, this beautiful piece has been crafted in Italy, and makes a stunning centrepiece for any room.

15. Airplane Travel Laundry Bag

Make washing laundry more appealing with this colourful drawstring bag, a great mainstay for the luggage while wandering the world.

16. Post Travel Photo Album

A beautiful keepsake for storing a lifetime of photos, leather photo albums embossed with world maps or words of grand adventures, makes for a perfect gift for the home, or for someone to start recollecting memories. 

17. World Map Themed Storage Boxes and Tins 

You can never have too many storage tins for stashing your worldly possessions, and this eye-catching storage tin is rather amazing. Both delightful and practical, with endless options for storage from travel documents to tea bags!

Travel Gift Guide: FANS OF FLYING

Gift guide to best clothing gifts for travellers

18. Airport Code T-Shirt 

Serious travellers will certainly know their three-letter airport codes, and this t-shirt says it all. Available in two classic colours and for a whole host of airport codes, it’s a unique gift for anything from a birthday present to an inspired Christmas gift.

19. Airport Code Cushion

Inspired by vintage travel, this cushion makes a bold statement piece for any sofa and is the perfect quirky gift. Available as a cover or a complete cushion, you can also choose from a range of airport code designs.

20. Jet Lag Made Me Do It T-Shirt

Looking for an amusing gift for that special someone who spends more time in the skies? We think this classic t-shirt ticks the box, available in grey and black.

21. Airport Code Phone Case

If you instantly know what ATH stands for then you definitely need this phone case in your life. Inspired by vintage luggage tags, with a range of options to fit iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models of phone.

22. Airline Code Bag

We have fallen in love with this beautifully designed bag which is versatile for a range of uses from a wash bag to a purse.

Best Gifts for Travellers: ON THE ROAD

Best gifts for travellers for when they are on the road

23. Eco-Conscious Bamboo Coffee Cup 

Tea and coffee lovers will adore this mug for life, insulated to keep your favourite beverage warm. Also a great gift for the eco conscious, especially from those companies using bamboo or planting trees for every ten mugs sold. 

24. Travel Sewing Kit

For any clothing mishaps, a compact sewing kit will come to the rescue. A unique gift idea for a stocking filler or small token gift.

25. Stainless Steel Camera Lens Mug

Both fans of novelty gifts and keen photographers will adore this stainless steel lens mug, ideal for drinks on the go.

26. Penguin Books Tote Bag

A multi-use bag for at home or abroad, the Penguin book design makes an inspired gift idea for book lovers. Available in a range of ‘book covers’ and colours, you can’t go wrong.

27. Dock & Bay Microfibre Beach and Travel Towel

One of the best inventions of our time, this microfibre towel is the ultimate companion on your trip. Quick drying, it can be used as a bathroom towel, or for lying on the beach as it doesn’t hold sand in the fibres – so no having to shake out towels. Available in six vibrant colours, these towels have real stand out on the beach.

Best gifts for travellers for when they are on the road

28. The Lost Girl Orange Penguin Travel Pouch

Part of a range, this eye-catching travel pouch stores small items safely when travelling, brightening up someone’s day in more ways than one. Also featured in the collection are passport covers and water bottles, which make a lovely gift set.

29. Jewellery Organiser

Featuring a whimsical design, your jewellery should definitely have the opportunity to travel in style, without getting tangled during transit. Featuring zipped pockets for storing your prized gems, this is an original gift for her and she won’t be disappointed.

30. VW Campervan Wash Bag

Campervan enthusiasts will absolutely love this wash bag, fully waterproof and complete with side pockets for storing all those bare essentials.


Guide to best gifts for travellers for the home

31. Travel Quotes Shower Curtain

Motivational travel quotes reveal the inner adventurer in all of us, and this shower curtain sums it all up with a compendium of the best phrases to inspire us to dust off our passports.

32. Vintage Tourism Prints and Posters

A gorgeous travel themed print, this is made for a lounge or office as a reminder of all things travel related, and to stamp your personality and love of all things exploring on a living space.

33. Vintage Japan Tourism Poster

A whimsical poster design, reminiscent of the retro adverts in the early days of travel. Beautiful and well balanced, this would make a great addition to an office or living space for peace and contemplation.

34. Country Names Vinyl Wall World Map

A vinyl wall map, uniquely detailed worded country names. A unique idea and a wow factor for any room.

Best gifts for travellers for the home themed travel

35. Photo Wall Canvas

Brighten up someone’s life with this photo wall mural which is sure to add colour to their living space too! A vibrant depiction of the world, the paper is easy to apply and comes in a range of sizes, creating a real visual impact for neutral interiors.

36. World Map Duvet

Eat, sleep and now dream of exploring the world with this printed map duvet set. An unusual gift idea, and the one place you can go to bed in the UK and wake up in Asia!

37. World Globe Light

This art deco globe makes a fine addition to a study or living room, with a warm, inviting light ideal for reading. A well-thought gift for him to light up his world while planning his next globetrotting adventure.

38. Crystal Globe Bottle Stopper

This wine stopper makes a great little present to keep your finest bottle of red fresh as the day you opened it. The perfect think outside of the box gift to show how much you care.

39. World Map Pin Board

This noteboard is made for those organised people in your life. A magnetic map with a wipe clean surface, this is made for couples to plan and pinpoint their past, present and future globetrotting. Supplied with ten magnets and two markers, other design options including a foodie, city or a version for children.

Best Gifts for Travel Lovers: THE BEST OF THE REST

Travel Gift Guide for the best gifts for travellers

40. Hoodie Travel Pillow

The world of travel neck pillows just got better with this added hoodie to provide some shade and warmth, as well as reduce neck strain. Available in three colours, and made for long journeys.

41. Travel Quote Phone Case

This phone case pretty much sums up how most of us feel when it comes to travelling the world. Will fit a range of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models.

42. Travel Themed Laptop Sleeve

Give your laptop a stylish way to travel with this gorgeously designed neoprene laptop sleeve, to safely transport your laptop. Featuring a map, airplane and air mail envelope, it really is a travel icon overload and perfect for the wanderer in your life, or for treating yourself.

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